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On my webpage I like to introduce you to my work and my hobbies.

My work:

- My Company

We sell automatic control solutions for power plants, natural gas stations and similar technologies.

Our main occupation is, to program and, where they are more sophisticated, to commission control loops. Most solutions are based on PI-control often completed with some specialities like feed- forward-control or nonlinear additions.

My efford is to find standard solutions for standard tasks. Where applicable modern control ideas should be introduced. For superheater temperature control for example a classical cascade or an adaptation of a state controller with observer can be chosen.

- Formation at

Technical University Berlin

In the 1970's this university offered great liberty in selecting an uncommon combination of subjects. It was the only place then to combine control and communication with computer science.



My Interests:

- My Working Field

Papers from my work (German)

- Amateur Radio

My amateur radio callsign is DK1PD, but in my active years I operated mostly clubstations: DL0VR, DL0RZ, DK0TU.


Some items on radio operation (German)



Personal Information:

Born in Essen some 60 years ago, I am living in Berlin and around now for about 40 years.


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